What is Authentic Language?

We believe that the only way to truly prepare your students as linguists is through the use of authentic language in the classroom. This means eliminating all scripted resources, where lines are pre-rehearsed, delivered by actors and bear no resemblance to the way native speakers really talk.

No scripts, no actors

At thisislanguage.com we never pre-prepare the responses you hear in our videos and our interviewees are simply young, native speakers, talking truthfully about their own lives, using the language they always use. We don’t even do second takes. Complete with all the discourse markers and filler language your students will encounter on the streets of France, Spain, Germany, Italy and South America, our videos are superior preparation for their exams and beyond.

What they say, the way they say it

What’s more, we understand how much more motivating it is for students to listen to the normal speech of people their own age. The natural, truthful answers in our videos are infinitely more engaging, giving students an unrivalled, unfettered insight into the lives of their French-, German-, Italian- and Spanish-speaking peers.

Renouncing scripted, unrealistic language in favour of authenticity helps students develop the practical communication skills they need to succeed as linguists, and the motivation to get them there.