Results and Stats

Student Progress

We know that if you’re making a purchasing decision about an online educational resource, you need to go to one you can trust.

So here are the facts and figures on what can do for your students’ linguistic skills.

- A tangible difference: GCSE/iGCSE Results 2017

Using triples A* attainment at GCSE!

*Comparing GCSE/iGCSE results data from 100 subscribing schools with national GCSE results data

- On the ground: what our teachers say

The one opinion that really matters!

96% of teachers said they would recommend on the basis of student progress

Easier Lesson Planning

- Finding the right content

Being certain that online video resources are relevant to your students and the course specification can be extremely time consuming. Finding engaging resources that fit this bill is even harder still.

Over 90% of teachers said that saves them time finding relevant, engaging audio/video resources.

Industry Recognition

We’re proud to have been recognised as leading providers in two prestigious industry competitions: