Our Conference

The language conference to be at this year

Now in its fourth year, the annual TIL conference is the most enjoyable language conference you’ll ever attend! Why?

Not only are our speakers some of the most interesting linguists on the planet, we also have the best delegates (and food)!

Every year we have amazing speakers from industry, academic luminaries to tickle the language geek in you, students fresh from their year living abroad to tell you all about the latest cultural trends and fads in those countries, sneak previews of upcoming developments on TIL and a brilliant opportunity to network and chat with like-minded linguists.

Who can attend?

As long as you’re an MFL teacher with a passion for languages then you can attend. You don’t need to have an active subscription to TIL, in fact, it can be a great way to find out more about what we do and meet some of the schools who have been using the site since the beginning.

If you’re not sure if this is the right language conference for you, have a little look at what was on offer last year!

In 2016, for the first time, we held our annual conference in Oxford.

When? Friday 4th November 2016

Where? Corpus Christi College, Oxford, UK

What time? 9.30am - 4pm GMT

Programme for the Day

Thisislanguage.com Training
Find out how to get the most from the site and its new features, and how best to integrate it into your schemes of work. We’ll be looking in particular at the new grammar section, Hypersheets and alignment with the new GCSE.
George Van den Bergh, Founder

Back to Basics: why being a student again is good for your teaching
Reflect on the learner’s perspective with this Dutch taster session.
Christine Sas, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL

Discussion: Uptake, Engagement and the MFL Gender Gap
Why does MFL suffer from an image problem?
Alex Rawlings: teacher, blogger and Harper Collins’ most multilingual student

Beyond the Classroom: career opportunities for linguists outside teaching
TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, presents on roles for your budding linguists within their ever-growing multinational organisation.

Keynote Address: My Life in Languages

Susan Hitch is the multi-lingual manager of Lord Sainsbury of Turville’s pro bono programme. Also a professor, broadcaster and much more besides, she will be discussing the crucial role languages have played in the variety of her achievements; experiences she considers would otherwise have been “inconceivable”.

So you think you know your Gronkh from your Grefg?
Back by popular demand: the low-down on the latest French, Spanish and German popular culture, from students fresh from their Year Abroad. Find out what young people are watching, reading, playing and listening to.
Plus all the latest slang!

PLUS: Curriculum discussion, thisislanguage.com teaching tips show-and-tell and brand new resources for every delegate.