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A comprehensive tool for all specifications.

Our brand new grammar section covers all of the structures your students need (including those specified by the new GCSE syllabus) and helps them learn and improve through interactive exercises of gradated difficulty.

After having read a teacher-written explanation on the formation and usage of the structure in question, students work their way through the following exercises:

1. Identification

In this exercise students are asked simply to pick out the word or structure they are learning from within an example target-language sentence.

2. Multiple Choice

Here, students must select the correct form of the structure to fill a gap in the target-language sentence.

3. Spelling

Next, students must fill the gap in the sentence by typing in the missing words themselves.

4. Ordering

Where relevant (e.g. when dealing with the position of adjectives), the students’ final task is to reorder the jumbled words of the example sentence.

These exercises are designed to be increasingly challenging to help students develop first their receptive and then their productive skills. Our unique responsive teaching system adapts to the students’ answers, only allowing them to proceed to the next exercise once they have mastered the previous stages.

This helps build student confidence, as well as enabling them to make serious progress when working independently.