Our Exercises

Each of the videos on thisislanguage.com is accompanied by a set of four interactive exercises.

These exercises are designed so that each is more challenging than the one before, helping students to progress as they work through them.

The difficulty of each exercise directly reflects the difficulty rating given to the video itself in its use of vocabulary and grammar.

thisislanguage.com is ideal for encouraging independent learning: all of the exercises on the site are automatically marked, meaning that students get instant feedback and the chance to correct their errors.


a drag-and-drop gap filling exercise

Video Vocab

an interactive vocab learning tool


a free-hand gap filling exercise


a listening comprehension exercise

In addition, your students’ learning experience is made even more comprehensive by:

Vocab Trainer

all the vocab your students need for GCSE


an innovative, interactive grammar trainer

Last but not least, our barmy vocab game is a real pupil favourite!

Nutty Tilez

a realtime, multi-player vocab game!