Nutty Tilez

Nutty Tilez is a realtime, multiplayer game for learning French, Spanish, German, Italian, English and Latin vocabulary.

Students can play against their classmates as well as other students around the world as they compete over the game’s 50 levels.

Each level introduces at least 20 new words which students must type quickly and accurately in the target language. They cannot move on until they have mastered every word in each level, making Nutty Tilez great for expanding vocabulary and improving students’ abilities to recall words quickly!

What’s more, each level is harder than the last, giving students a tangible sense of their increasing vocabulary.

Most importantly,
it’s awesome fun!

The competition is fierce, with points, coins and leaderboards driving the inter-class, inter-school and international rivalry!

And biannual competitions only fuel the fire!

Your students will love it!

(They’ll learn a lot too but shhhhh!)

“Nutty Tilez is really helping me learn and is fun too!”
Tim K., student

“Nutty Tilez is my addiction!”
Amelia K., student

“Nutty Tilez has got me and my friends hooked on trying to beat each other’s scores!”
Logan M., student

“I think this is one of the best Spanish games I’ve ever played that has actually helped me advance in my Spanish vocabulary.”
Amya H., student

It’s all a bit nutz, really!