How it works.

The smart language tool for classrooms.

For teachers:

We’re the tool that plugs straight into your classroom!

With, you can: 

  • Find ready-made, relevant, age-appropriate content for all of your classes
  • Assign work in a couple of clicks
  • Save time thanks to automatic marking and instant feedback
  • Track student progress and attainment at a glance

Not to mention is a gold mine of cultural capital; bring the target-language country into your classroom with every single video!

Already have lesson plans you love? No problem! We work alongside your existing resources by linking our videos directly to pages in your textbook.

For students:

We’re committed to making learning accessible:
Videos are short and easily digestible – perfect for grasping key concepts quickly. Our young, relatable interviewees bring the target-language country to your classroom and show your students how the language is used in the real world. 

We help develop skills and grow confidence:
All of our exercises are interactive and carefully scaffolded, promoting steady skill development, and giving your students the confidence to push themselves and really engage with the language. Instantaneous feedback allows students the opportunity to correct their mistakes on the spot, and gives them a tangible sense of their own progress.

We boost engagement and motivation: 
Games and points keep students engaged, and our realtime leaderboards raise the stakes with friendly competition on a global scale!