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Each video is a native-speaker's answer to a GCSE question.
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Drag and drop the words into the correct spaces in the transcript. The gaps are numbered so that students can write down their answers and you can use it as a front-of-class exercise.

You can do this exercise multiple times, with different words removed on each occasion. Use the timer if you want to add a bit of extra pressure!

Video Vocab

Here, students can practise and test themselves on important vocabulary which has been specially selected from the video. We recommend that they try the Gap-fill afterwards, to practise the words in their inflected forms.


Here, students are asked to type the correct words into gaps in the transcript. The vocabulary tested has been specially selected and students can practise it in the Video Vocab section before trying this exercise.


This multiple choice exercise is designed to test students' understanding of the video. Each comprehension is written with the video's difficulty rating in mind.


This is a full transcription of everything said in the video. Your students will not be able to see this in their account unless you allow them to. The Primary Account Holder for your school can change this setting by going to My Account > Settings. If you're not sure who that is, just let us know.

Print Worksheet

This converts the exercises you see here into a worksheet that you can edit, adapt and print. Students can then do the exercises whilst you project the video at the front of class.

My name is [Sam Alosan]. I am twenty-two years old, about five foot eleven, hundred seventy-five pounds. Umm my birthday is October twelfth. I am an American citizen living in uhh... [Newport], [Rhode Island] is my hometown. And there are three people in my family: myself and my parents. My favorite sport is baseball. The weather is nice out, but it's very cold today and uhh it's about ten thirty in the morning.

Download worksheet

What would you like to include in the worksheet?

Available exercises

  • Watch video (~1min)
  • Jigsaw (~4min)
  • Triple Jigsaw (~11min)
  • Video Vocab (~11min)
  • Gap-fill (~4min)
  • Video Vocab + Gap-fill (~14min)
  • Comprehension (~4min)
  • All video exercises (~21min)