iGCSE Exam Boards

thisislanguage.com meets the specifications of both the Cambridge and Edexcel iGCSE as regards topics, linguistic content and use of the target language.

As well as being aligned thematically with the iGCSE syllabus, our videos are completely unscripted in order to provide students with natural, authentic examples on which to model their own practical communication skills. In our opinion, exposure to this sort of real language is the only way to prepare students for the kinds of communication they will participate in abroad.

This authenticity also means that students hear the genuine ideas and opinions of young people from France, Germany, Spain and South America, giving them uncensored insight into the culture and civilisation of countries where the target language is spoken.

What’s more, teachers can adjust settings so that students see exercise questions in the target language to help prepare them for the format of their iGCSE examinations.