ACTFL World-Readiness Standards

ACTFL’s gudielines for world language teaching are a crucial part of how state standards are set for classrooms across the USA.

ACTFL focuses on 5 goal areas, known as the 5 C’s, which each include their own standards.

Using can help you meet requirements in all 5 areas.


Interpretative Communication

Watching the videos on, your students hear unscripted native speakers, which strengthens their listening comprehension. Because they hear real language in the way it’s actually spoken, they are better prepared for engaging with a wide variety of authentic materials from target language cultures, making it easier to tackle other goal areas.


Relating Cultural Practices to Perspectives

Our videos ask native speakers to describe the world around them and give their opinions about important issues. Their answers provide windows into the world of your target language, even for novice level speakers. Students hear what everyday life is like, and also what people their own age have to say about complex, AP®-level topics like the environment, media and new technologies, and social issues.


Acquiring Information and Diverse Perspectives

The crux of this standard is being able to access ideas and information in the target language that aren’t available in English. The exposure to authentic, unscripted native speech on gives students this insight, and can also ease the transition to using a wide range of other media. With their ears primed for the natural rhythm of speech, television, film, and music become more accessible, offering students a richer cross-cultural experience.


Cultural Comparisons

The nuanced comments and observations of the young people in our videos provide a natural opportunity to compare and contrast cultures. Our videos are perfect for launching comparative discussions on everything from the weather to social issues like unemployment.

Language Comparisons

Our grammar section provides a road-map for students to use to explore and master the structure of the target language at their own pace. Plenty of example sentences and their English translations allow students to look at English and the target language side by side to see how they differ and the similarities they share.


School and Global Communities

The interpretative communication tools that students gain through using the site prepare them to engage with a variety of local and global communities. By enriching their understanding of how the language is actually used by native speakers, makes interaction a more rewarding experience.

Lifelong Learning

The ultimate teacher goal is to instill a passion for lifelong learning in students so that they continue to learn after they leave the classroom. By giving students confidence when engaging with authentic materials, helps pave the way to a lifelong passion for languages and cultures.